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Review of RingDivas “Diva Rumble” 2009

In this 40 minute action packed Video, you will find an exceptional selected cast. You will see no other than: Sam Sexton, Tina Lockhart, Jessicka Havoc, Ultimate Gojirah, Kati Summers, Destiny Dumon, Aspen Scott, Abbey Rhodes, Racquel Colon, Hazel

The crystal clear XG3 in-ring audio gives you an amazing sound quality and you’ll be able to hear the panting & moaning clearly.

There is an 8 woman div arumble main event with Sam Sexton, Tina Lockhart, Jessicka Havoc, Racquel Colon, Kati Summers, Destiny Dumon, Aspen Scott and Hazel

Absolutely great world champions in action. Diva Rumble 2009 has shot up to be an unbelievable event!!! The moves are an endless selection of the finest.

In the 8 Woman Diva Rumble 2009 Main Event – you see at close up and with brilliant camera work, close ups and great editing:

Wishbone Crotch Stomp, Atomic Crotch Drop, Football Punt Crotch Kick, Trash Talking, Barefoot, Sleeper Hold, Vicious Face Slap, Hair Pulling, Double Bear Hug, Double Camel Clutch, Double Face Mat Rub, Two-on-one Submissions, Three-on-one Submissions, Bear Hug, Lockup, Rope Choke, Forearm Face Smash, Foot Choke, Gut Stomp, Full Nelson, Jumping Knee Smash, Rear Naked Choke, Neck Choke, Full Nelson & Body Scissors Combo, Single Leg Boston Crab, Gut Kicks, Face Punch, Camel Clutch, Jumping Spike Elbow Drop, Snapmare, Double Neck Choke, Double Clothesline, Double New Sensation, Face Punch Exchange, Final Elimination.

In the Destiny Dumon vs. Suicide event, you see – Uppercut Low Blow Blow, Vicious Gut Punches, Crotch Stomp, Double Leg Crotch Drop, Gut Stomp, Face Punch, Hair Pulling, Dragging, Sleeper Hold, Crawling, Full Nelson, Lockup, Armbar, Hammer Lock, Rope Choke, Single Leg Boston Crab, Drop Kick, Neck Choke, Split Leg Crotch Stretch, Foreign Object Choke, Camel Clutch, Face Mat Rub, Foot Stomp, Boston Crab, Clothesline, Elbow Drop, Rear Naked Choke, Multiple Pins, Rolling Senton, Turnbuckle Body Splash, Eye Poke, Seated Abdominal Stretch, Blatant Neck Choke, Forearm Smash, Shoulder Tackle, Fatal Overdose, Extended Victory Pose

Gojirah vs. Abbey Rhodes – Shoulder Tackle, Irish Whip, Big Body Splash, Head Bunt, Asian Spike, Victory Pose.

This is an absolute must Video for every Cat fight enthusiast and its worth every penny. This is Diva Rumble at its best.


DOWNLOAD - Diva Rumble 2009 (Complete Event PPD)


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