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Sexy Black Women and White Female Wrestling

olivia00harris asked:

CLICK HERE: Two sexy black and White ladies get out of control. Very Sexy Catfight.

25 Responses to “Sexy Black Women and White Female Wrestling”

  1. BeachBootyMan1 Says:

    As my Little nephew used to say….This is makin’ my peter paul get

  2. Mr2sexy4my Says:

    Sexy! I love it when the black girl gets dominated by her white girl opponent. Black girl is completely over-powered here but she looks good doin it. The White girl is fine to.

  3. dxsmackdown8 Says:

    i woul;d LOVE a 3 way with BOTH these girls

  4. jethrodassam Says:

    This is very rare. Most black women are tough. I know, I got my ass kicked by a black woman.

  5. vasanth Says:

    WOAH! Me love tht black chick! WISH Cud Wrestle her meself! Me nearly Blew my load at 0.35sec……

  6. hubhub27 Says:

    lonely bastard

  7. Korosov1 Says:

    Hohoho… white power!!

  8. Tinger1974 Says:

    That white female wrestler was in total control of the black wrestler.

  9. moonmanvic Says:

    man this is too short. nice vid though.

  10. TheJohnz333 Says:

    what theses people a FFiN sexy !!!!!

  11. Richboy219 Says:


    You said niggers can’t fight? Really? Hmmm…then how come 4 months ago i beat the fuck outta this white faggot ass bitch who was talking shit to my face after i cracked his white ass in the jaw. Then the little pussy ran home to his trailer park to get his 2 redneck brothers and i fucked them up too. I bet your sorry white ass would lose hands down to any fight you get with a black guy. Hell, i bet a black girl can woop ur pussy ass.

    Fuck white people…inbred crackers!!!

  12. ManhattanKpbl Says:


  13. SagesseNoir Says:

    No, YOU are inferior–as are all racists.
    Now in the REAL WORLD, a girls race has nothing to do with how good a wrestler she is.

  14. 12Oc7ock Says:

    ya it does, the nigger is inferior

  15. 12Oc7ock Says:

    hahah fucking nigger is mad cause his monkey bitch can’t fight hahaha

  16. mackshowtyme Says:

    most wrestling women whites win over blacks, but young girls street fighting 99 percent a black girl will win. don’t know if it’s the fight style or girls vs women. and you never see a white woman vs black woman in a fight.

  17. Grace3630 Says:

    I Love Bold and Beautiful Ebony Bitches. See them at utubeblack (dot) C0M;-)

  18. SagesseNoir Says:

    Whoever is stronger, her race has nothing to do with it

  19. 56LC Says:

    It depends if you consider staged or customed matched action vs real or semi-competitive. There are many female wrestling companies that will have black/ethnic girls regardless of the individual skill or power usually defeat white girls. But the companies that do competitive wrestling will not care about the reace of the women, either woman can win those.

  20. 2muchWill Says:


  21. Tinger1974 Says:

    To Mooremess. I don’t know where you get this assumption from. But from the videos that I have seen, 8 out of 10 matches involving a black and a white, including this video, were won by white. I don’t think the term “black power” is applicable here.

  22. nargis92 Says:

    I think woman in black is in your relation or u r same who is black woman..!! See the video carefully white woman did best .. she could be the winner even if u have seen a small 0:16 sec. video clip of same u can see clearly that black woman slapped on white womans ass to stop doing any more.

  23. Mooremess Says:

    SHUT THE FUCK UP CRACKER!!!! White woman was weak as fuck. That’s why Black women always woop their White asses. BLACK POWER!!!!

  24. nargis92 Says:

    female in white looks stronger tehn black woman. Through out black woman not able to do anythinng!! surprise..!! Even every bodys aunty can do better then black woman !!

  25. steviecc91 Says:

    I wonder if my mum can take the black woman…

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